Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Miskin Melalui Program Usaha Ekonomi Desa-Simpan Pinjam (UED-SP)

Zaili Rusli, Febri Yuliani, Endang Sulistianingsih, Adianto ', Abdul Sadad


The purpose of this study to identify and analyze the empowerment of the poor throughprograms UED-SP in Kuala Terusan, District Kerinci, Pelalawan, Riau Province. The researchmethod used is descriptive survey approach, at research that seeks to tell the existing problem-solving that comes with the existing literature. Data collection techniques performed in researchthis in three ways, namely interviews, written sources (documentation), fitted with a questionnaire.The results showed the performance management program UED-SP judged by the public, especiallythe beneficiaries of the program are considered good.

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