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Implementation of Good Governance in Government Agencies. This study of how the
actual implementation of good governance, especially at the Office of National Unity, Politics and
Public Protection (Kesbangpolinmas) year from 2012 to 2014 in the city of Dumai. Based on
research conducted Kesbangpolinmas Office of Dumai yet implementing or applying the values
of good governance in committed, especially against the three main principles, namely, the
implementation of principles of participation, transparency and accountability. The method used
is a qualitative research method in which one of the research procedures that produce descriptive
data and the data obtained more complete, more deeply so that the research objectives can be
achieved. The research location is on the Office of National Unity, Politics and Public Protection
Dumai. Authors gather research data from several books, government regulations, journals and
interviews with informants research that Kesbangpolinmas office clerks, community organizations
and political parties. This research resulted in the conclusion that the obstacles in the
implementation of good governance at the Office of National Unity, Politics and Public Protection
in 2012-2014 in Kota Dumai is intenal factors which include officials from the institutions and
attitudes. As well as from external factors include CSOs / NGOs and political parties. Therefore, the
Office Kesbangpolinmas more attention to performance, whether it is in accordance with applicable
regulations. To avoid obstacles in conducting a policy especially related to society.

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