Adyan BP Harahap


Enterpreneurial Government in the Official Perceptions Bureaucracy. This study aims to
describe and analyze the perspective of bureaucratic officials Dumai City Government in accepting
and understanding the concept of Enterpreneurial Government and to understand the factors that
explain the understanding and attitude of officials in the government bureaucracy Dumai City
Government in accepting the concept Enterpreneurial. In this research uses descriptive quantitative
research methods with data collection questionnaire, interviews, observation and documentation. As
a source of data and population are all structural in the city government Dumai using proportional
stratified random sampling and random sampling which is the development of stratified random
sampling. The results showed that the views and knowledge of bureaucratic officials to the concept
of Entrepreneurial Government, as demonstrated by this study is still very low. As demonstrated by
the lack of understanding and knowledge of the principles of community-oriented government. Their
rejection of the idea of citizen charter and the concept of customer choise in terms of public services.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.31258/jkp.v7i1.7751


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