Said Abdul Aziz


Implementation of e-Government Development. his study aims to identify and explain
why the implementation of e-Government development policies in the Departemen of Library,
Archives, and Documentation (BPAD) is not effective, and the factors that influence the
implementation of e-Government development policies in BPAD Riau Province. The method used in
this research is descriptive qualitative approach. Supported by the theory developed by Daniel A.
Mazmanian and Paul A. Sabatier related Implementation Framework Analysis Model to explain the
process and policy implementation. For more detailed information about the factors that affect the
implementation of the policy, the author refers to the theory of George C. Edward III. The study
concluded that the implementation of e-Government Policy in BPAD Riau Province has not run
effectively. Ideally, an established policy should be a policy derived at least in the least internal
operating organization that has the power and the rule. Factors that influence the implementation of
e-Government policy BPAD Riau Province including the Communications factor of policymakers
down in the form of guidelines and technical guidelines. Resource factors namely the dimension of
its human resources in terms of quality and quantity is low. Disposition is the understanding of the
factors related to implementing agencies understand that this policy is merely an appeal and not
binding. Factor structure of the bureaucracy no one has successfully developed specifically related
field or officials responsible for implementation of e-Government policy in BPAD Riau Province.

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