Dadang Mashur, Zaili Rusli


 Efforts and Implications of Green Open Space (RTH). The current urban problem has
become a complicated problem to overcome. Urban development leads to negative con- sequences
on several aspects, including environmental aspects. In the early stages of urban development, most
of the land is green open space. However, there is a need for space to accommodate the population
and its activities, the green space is likely to undergo conversion of land use to a wake
area. Most of its surface, especially in the city center, is covered by roads, buildings and others
with very complex characters and different from the green open space characters. These are
exacerbated by weak law enforcement and public awareness of urban spatial planning, causing
frequent flooding
in urban areas, high air pollution and increased social vulnerability (crime and social crisis),
decreased public productivity due to stress due to limited public space which are available for
social interaction,
and cause congestion problems due to high side barriers in certain road segments.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.31258/jkp.v9i1.6014


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