Zulkarnaini Zulkarnaini, Dadang Mashur


Community Empowerment in the Utilization of Village Funds through Institutional
Strengthening. Until now there are still many problems in rural development in Indonesia that need
to find a solution. One of the government's efforts to accelerate village development is by rolling out
the Village Fund Allocation Program (ADD) to realize the administration and implementation of
aspirative and participatory village development. In Siak District, the ADD program has been held
since 2007, but until now its implementation has not been optimal yet. This study aims to determine
how the empowerment of community in the utilization of ADD through institutional strengthening
District Apit Sungai Siak District and what factors affect the effort of empowerment. This research
is a descriptive qualitative research with sampling technique used is snowball sampling. The research
informants were the officials involved in the ADD program and the community leaders who knew
the program. Data collection was done by interview and observation technique, after the data
collected and then analyzed by using qualitative descriptive analysis. The results show that
community empowerment through ADD Program in Sungai Apit Subdistrict of Siak Regency has
not been running well. Many of these programs are diverted to village infrastructure development
programs rather than community empowerment activities. The dominant factor influencing the
mismatch of community empowerment is the fear of failure resulting from the inability of the
community to join the ADD program that provides business capital assistance for the needy.

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