Muammar Alkadafi, Rusdi Rusdi, Muhammad April


 Reform of the Promotion of Civil State Apparatus. The position of High Leader (JPT)
Pratama is a position that equaled with the structural position of echelon II. b and a. in its
filling, the Regional Government of Kabupaten Kampar through the Regional Personnel Board has
carried out an open promotion reform of the position on the filling of the Primary Leadership
Office. The purpose of this research is to know the promotion of ASN Promotion in the
implementation of open selection of filling of Position of High Leader in Kampar Regency
Government, and to know the method and activity stages conducted by assessment center of State
Islamic University of Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau in selecting competence of candidate of high
leadership officer in Pratama Environment of Kampar Regency Government in 2015. The research method
used qualitative research with phenomenological approach, qualitative data analysis using Huberman
Interactive Model Of Analysis namely; data reduction, data presentation and conclusions. The
results of this research can be found in the promotion of ASN in the open selection of high
leadership positions in Kampar Regency in 2015, in terms of preparation, implementation and
monitoring and evaluation as stipulated in Permanpan-RB Regulation no. 13 Year 2014, procedurally
has been implemented in accordance with the provisions. From the result of data analysis of
implementation and re- commendation from KASN to the selection implementation process, implicitly
it can be concluded that the implementation process contains the principles of objectivity,
competitive, transparency
and accountability in every stage process performed by selection committee to 14 (fourteen)

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